Thank You!
Thank you to all the residents that came out and voted.  I am grateful to have another opportunity to serve the Village of Menomonee Falls.  Thank you Paul Broesch for a good race.

Thank you to all that gave of your time during this campaign and Menomonee Falls Taxpayer group for your support.

Thank you Janel Brandtjen, Trustee Paul Tadda and Trustee Jeremy Walz for the endorsement.

- Trustee Katie Kress
Taxpayer Alert!  State Representative Janel Brandtjen endorses Katie Kress and Chris Smolik for Menomonee Falls Village Board.
Be sure to vote conservative April 4th
Village taxes are finally going down. Why would we replace these two conservatives?

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"I enthusiastically endorse Katie Kress (Seat 1) and Chris Smolik (Seat 2) for Village of Menomonee Falls Trustee. They are reliably against TIF funded crony capitalism. The "good old boy" network that brought you the Radisson Hotel debacle, in which the Village Taxpayers lost $8 million, wants the ability to play king maker again. The leadership of Trustees Kress and Smolik are preventing the further abuse of TIF's and the "good old boys" are not happy. Please support Trustees Kress and Smolik and say no to TIF funded crony capitalism, no to the Village bureaucrats choosing the wealthy winners and losers and yes to looking out for the average Village taxpayers."
Paul Tadda 
Village Trustee - Seat 6

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I have not met or spoken to the candidates running against them but I endorse the fact that Katie Kress and Chris Smolik are solid conservative members of a well-functioning Village Board. Menomonee Falls is a safe community that is experiencing tremendous growth. Katie and Chris are valuable members of the team that is making this happen. I think Katie and Chris' hard work and dedication to Menomonee Falls has earned them another term on the Village Board.

Thank you,
Jeremy Walz

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From the Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Assocation:

The Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Association is pleased to endorse two solid taxpayer champions in their bid for re-election!

Seat 1 – Katie Kress
Seat 2 – Chris Smolik
Katie and Chris have been tireless advocates to hold spending in check, to keep Menomonee Falls affordable. Join us in voting for Katie and Chris on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017!

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