Key Votes

Menomonee Falls is a prime location for development and a desirable place to live.  I value the community and green space this is why I fight in favor of the taxpaying homeowners and businesses.

Our residents deserve better development agreements with protective measures.  Any time we use taxpayer's money we are at risk.

With the Village's growing needs for better roads, more police officers, paramedics/firefighters, and updating equipment, I believe we would benefit from those tax dollars now rather than in 17-20 years.  For these reasons, I have taken the following votes:

  • Voted NO to the annual tax giveaway for the Riverwalk apartments overlooking the Lepper Dam on Main Street. 
  • Voted NO to a $2.75 million forgivable loan to a developer. 
  • Voted NO to $1 land purchases and annual tax giveaways within big corporate deals.
  • Voted NO to the proposed micro-hospital tax giveaway. 

Key Votes in favor of residents & businesses:

  • Co-sponsored the creation of a chief position for the fire department
  • Lowered property taxes for the fiscal year 2020
  • Co-sponsored quarterly board updates from police and fire departments
  • Listened, communicated and represented residents on issues surrounding residential proposals
  • Voted Yes to numerous businesses located in the village including Kwik Trip.